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What people need to know about Dallas bail bonds written by: MOMOF3 When a man or woman gets arrested they must encounter the legal process head on. Once a person arrives back at the police station they need to begin the process termed processing. Each person can call a friend or family member to help them out. If a person wants they have the right to remain silent. It is important for people to seriously consider using this right as many people make incriminating statements while they are in police custody.


The Bail Bonds Process


Every defendant is entitled to a bail hearing. This is done before a judge and allows the preliminary findings such as the charges and any relevant criminal history to be evaluated in a court of law. A person who is granted bail will be released once a bond has been posted for them with the court. This is an amount of money that is put up to show that the person will appear for the court dates that are mandatory. People often cannot afford to pay their entire bail bonds. This is why people often turn to a Dallas bail bonds agency for help.


Individuals can call a Dallas bail bonds agency at any time and ask them to write a bond for them. It is important for people to be able to get a co-signer. A co-signer is someone who is on the bond who will put up collateral so that in the event that the person flees the agency gets its money back. It is a good idea for people to choose only trusted individuals to be a co-signer because they can revoke the bond at any time if they wish.


The Application Process


There is an application that needs to be completed. It is important for people to give their contact information to their bail bonds person. People need to make sure that they attend all of their required court dates. Individuals need to make sure that they obey the law while they are out on bond. People who re-offend are often denied a bond. It is important for people to check in with the agency to make them aware of any developments related to their case.


Each person who is out on bond needs to put up at least 10% of the bond. It is a good idea for people to make sure that they do this to help them secure one as quickly as possible. Once the case is completed the bond is then over and the defendant and the bail bonds agency are done with their relationship.


It is important for defendants to reach out to a bail bonds agency quickly. It does not take that long to have a bond written.It can take a while for people to get their information and co-signer in order. This is why it is beneficial for people to do what they can to aid in the process. No one should have to sit in jail because they cannot put up their entire bail amount themselves. A Dallas bail bonds company can help out anyone day or night.


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