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If you are a fan of television or have had some run in with the law you are probably familiar with the sight of a Judge slamming his gavel down loudly and saying with a loud voice, “Bail is set at $250,000.” This may be entertaining if you are watching this on TV, but it’s nothing funny if the Judge is directing his announcement at you or your loved one. Most regular Americans do not just have $250,000 lying around so the situation becomes real serious. After all, no one wants to spend more time in jail than he has to. Of course time and unforeseen circumstances can affect anyone. One moment you or your loved one is free, and the next thing you know, you are searching for bail money. Well do not despair bail bonds are sometimes available, depending on the state you live in. And if you live in Dallas bail bonds are always an option. But what are bail bonds?


Bail in the court system refers to money the court holds in order to release a defendant. The sum is kept until the trial and all the proceedings against the defendant have been completed. The idea is that the defendant will not run away but will show up whenever he is required in court so as to recover his bail money. On many occasions a trial begins many months after the initial arrest or charges have been filed. Without the bail system the accused (who is obviously innocent until proven guilty) will have to stay in jail for the whole pretrial period. At least this would cause a financial hardship, as the defendant would be unable to work or take care of his family. Besides that, the accused would also be missing out on the things he enjoys, any personal hobbies, vacations, spending time with his family, sports, and so on. So you pay a small percentage of the bail amount to a bail bondsman, who pays the rest to the court.

Well if you do live in Dallas, TX. or the surrounding area all hope is not lost. You can begin to enjoy your freedom almost immediately by contacting A-Affordable Bail Bonds or by visiting Whether the charge in question is a misdemeanor or a felony, a DUI or an assault, you can obtain the help you need, quickly and at an affordable price. If your first language is Spanish, operators are available to assist you as needed. Service is available 24 hours everyday and if you prefer to make monthly payments, that can be arranged as well. Jose Luis Villela is the owner of A-Affordable Bail Bonds, you are able to contact him directly to answer any questions you have and put your mind at ease.

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There are several kinds of circumstances that can affect individuals untimely, and rather than being frowned upon, action is required that goes on to enable an individual access fast response in regards to avoiding the consequences of the law, until proven otherwise.

In wanting to know more about what a bail bond is, it is explained as a written document that both parties have to sign, which goes on to state the amount of money charged and the charges the defendant goes on to pay in the event that they do not appear in the court proceedings, as stipulated in the agreement.

In getting to know how one can avoid staying the night in a cell in Dallas, the Dallas bail bonds are here to ensure that that happens. It has been proven that when help is needed to ensure that loved ones do not spend time in jail, the immediate and fast help which the Dallas Bail Bonds offer is impressive. Whichever time of day or night is most convenient with them, as their sole purpose is to secure jail release.

The Dallas Bail bonds offices can be gotten by way of calling or accessing them through the internet and this easy access is what has made them be a cut above the rest and a bail bonding service that has been sort out by many. The process that is required for the bail bonding to start is that there is a form called a bail bond form, which an individual who requires the services needs to fill. In the event that the office hours are closed and the individual needs to fill out the form, it can also be accessed through the internet, which makes it easier for the process server to come and finish the bail bonding process easily.

The mode of payment for the Dallas bail bond is flexible since all major Credit Card are accepted, which makes it be the most attractive kind of bail bond service available. Cash is also accepted, but when it comes to cheques, an agreement is made by the person needing the release and the office providing it. Once that is made the process, can start, which ensures the client, do not spend another day in jail?

It is also seen that in the event that the defendant is unable to post their own bail and requires the assistance of the bail agent, the mode of payment that the bail agent agrees to is where written guarantees from friends or relatives who are credit worthy is made out. This is to ensure that they do not encounter bad risk clients, who happen to not show up for trial.

The Dallas bail bonds vary from agency to agency, in terms of pricing and the charges that come with each particular agency. The no hidden charges, no collateral, easy payments plans clauses among others, get to attract many clients since a deal gets to be made and all what is left is the defendant to make an appearance in court.

When one gets to hear of a friend or a loved one who needs fast and professional bail bonding services, referring them to Dallas bail bonds gets to be the kind of help they needed after all.



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